Best Healthy Snacks for 2014

Kind Whole Grain Bar

Kids are out on Spring break and even though it’s still chilly here in NYC, it’s time to get ready for summer! We’ve been trying out lots of new “healthy” snacks lately and here’s our 2014 list of what’s good … Continue reading 

Baby Registry Essentials


Baby is on his way and you’re bombarded with all the things everybody is telling you have to get. Stroller check, changing table check, burp cloths, pacifiers, poop bags… muah. OMG. Do you really need that and this and that and … Continue reading 

The Pregnancy Food List: Fish During Pregnancy and After


What women can and can’t eat during pregnancy and even while breastfeeding – that’s the big question all us pregnant women want to know! Can we eat this food or not. I always knew that raw fish or sashimi was … Continue reading 

NYC’s Kyo Ya

Kyo Ya

Tucked away in NYC’s East Village, this intimate restaurant is a little slice of heaven and our new favorite restaurant. It was hands-down our best meal of the year. Having grown up in Japan, I’m uber-picky about Japanese fare and … Continue reading